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Windows Nt Error Messages

A backup is automatically created before each scan, with the ability to undo any changes in a single click, protecting you against the possibility of PC damage. Then select the Last Known Good configuration. DriverDoc's proprietary One-Click Update™ technology not only ensures that you have correct driver versions for your hardware, but it also creates a backup of your current drivers before making any changes. In the preceding example, the fourth entry from the top was the first one logged at 1:41:24.

It's advantageous to develop your plan on paper. It is also included on the: •Microsoft Developer Network (MSDN) CD•TechNet CD•Microsoft Internet FTP host, •Technical Support and Services category on the Web page at of pageTroubleshooting Startup Problems Boot viruses can cause Windows NT to state, “The hard disk containing the partition or free space you chose is not accessible to your computer’s startup program.” An infected Windows NT Microsoft, and just about every Windows software developer, recommends that all antivirus programs not be active when installing new software.

If the value is 0 (ignore, no error is reported) or 1 (normal, error reported), startup proceeds. Cleaning up these temporary files with Disk Cleanup might not only solve your 1801 error, but can also dramatically speed up the performance of your PC. The CD ROM device was reporting bad blocks on the CD, so Windows NT knew that there were problems. Successive restarts of the operating system should start normally.

ServiceDepends onCdfsSCSI CDROM ClassCdromSCSI miniportDiskSCSI miniportLanmanServerTDILanmanWorkstationTDILmHostsNetwork ProviderNetBIOSTDIParallelParallel arbitratorScsiprntSCSI miniportScsiscanSCSI miniportSfloppySCSI miniportDependOnServiceThis value entry identifies specific services that must be loaded before this service is loaded. Step 7: Run Windows System File Checker ("sfc /scannow") System File Checker is a handy tool included with Windows that allows you scan for and restore corruptions in Windows system files If you cannot start the computer by using your Windows NT startup floppy disk, and repairing your system by using the Emergency Repair Disk does not fix the problem, you can In Windows XP, you need to patch "UXTheme.dll" file to be able to use 3rd party themes.

One way to check for this problem is to change the name of NTLDR to anything else and restart Windows NT from the hard disk. Check the disk, and reformat it, if needed. 0xC0000015 STATUS_NONEXISTENT_SECTOR {Sector Not Found} The specified sector does not exist. 0xC0000016 STATUS_MORE_PROCESSING_REQUIRED {Still Busy} The specified I/O request packet (IRP) cannot be Step 3. Click Programs.

There are at least two control sets, and sometimes more, depending on how often you change system settings, or have problems with the settings you choose. The following information should be the same: •The first three bytes should be the jump instruction.•The next 11 bytes should be the OEM header string.•There should be error message text toward The Computer Browser service depends on the TCP/IP NetBIOS Helper service which failed to start because of the following error. On most systems you should see the file and virtual memory system in 32-bit mode.

When an extended partition becomes corrupt, it might be possible to rebuild it by using a sector editor or partition table editor. find this Fdisk displays the message Partition X made active, where X is the partition number you entered.4.Press ESC to return to the FDISK Options menu, and press ESC again to exit Fdisk. Follow the on-screen directions to complete the uninstallation of your Error 1801-associated program. You can compare files in your %systemroot%\System32 folder and subfolders with files in these folders on another computer that has the same Windows NT version and service packs installed.

The sections "Protecting Against Viruses and Trojan Horses," in Chapter 4, and "Managing Shared Resources and Resource Security" in the Windows NT ServerConcepts and Planning bookcontains information about reducing the chances Use Hardware Profiles for this.•Startup failures caused by hardware failures or corrupted files.•Copying a new driver over the top of an old one, and the old one is already active.Chapter 8, As you troubleshoot the problem, try to change only one of these variables at a time. Restore your computer.

Return value/code Description 0x00000000 STATUS_SUCCESS The operation completed successfully. 0x00000000 STATUS_WAIT_0 The caller specified WaitAny for WaitType and one of the dispatcher objects in the Object array has been set to Follow the on-screen directions to complete the uninstallation of your Error 1801-associated program. This is a sample of the kind of information you might see: Detecting System Component . . . A “Packed file corrupt” error message can occur during the initial install stages on an infected machine.

third-party driver, antivirus program, etc.) for this type of symptom, computer viruses are a likely cause. See "Understanding ARC Pathnames" within Chapter 5, "Preparing For and Performing Recovery," for information about whether the controller BIOS should be enabled.•There are no IRQ conflicts.If you have not made any The preceding screen shot shows the following control sets: •Clone•ControlSet001•ControlSet002•CurrentControlSetThe Registry subkey HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE \SYSTEM \Select identifies how the control sets are used, and determines which control set is used at startup.

You should never specify a value less than 12 for Windows NT Server.

Consult your hardware documentation for this information. Click on the Windows NT-associated entry. Not all executables or dynamic link libraries report missing or corrupt files, and the symptoms can be unpredictable with a file missing. One of our site visitor "Red" asked following query related to UXTheme Patcher: i have downloaded the UXTheme Patcher and an error occurred.

For example, if you stop the Workstation service, the Alerter, Messenger, and Net Logon services are also stopped, because they are dependent upon the Workstation service. This recovery method is described in "Troubleshooting by Using the Last Known Good Configuration," presented earlier in this chapter. We do not guarantee that problems resulting from the incorrect use of Registry Editor can be solved. The file that caused the error copied fine, but other files on the CD could not be copied.

On RISC-based computers, you can use the /sos switch to display the Kernel and device driver names while they are being loaded. If you have changed or added a device since the last startup, the problem might be with the new configuration. Click Yes. Step 8: Install All Available Windows Updates Microsoft is constantly updating and improving Windows system files that could be associated with Error 1801.

Stop 0x0000007B -- Inaccessible Boot DeviceThis STOP message means that Windows NT is unable to access the Partition Boot Sector or the required information is not found. Note Do not change information in the Registry when you are using it for troubleshooting. As it turns out, you specifically disabled the Workstation service by using the Services icon in Control Panel and setting the Startup Type to Disabled. Your computer periodically “freezes” for a few seconds at a time.

Sometimes, if a file that is needed to load or run Windows NT becomes corrupt or is deleted, the system displays a message about a problem with the file. There is no valid data in the file beyond this marker. 0xC0000012 STATUS_WRONG_VOLUME {Wrong Volume} The wrong volume is in the drive. It contains the files that are needed to load Windows NT, such as Boot.ini and NTLDR. This feature is useful if you want to find a specific value or string.Most of the examples in this section use the Regedt32.exe.

No information has been written to the buffer. 0xC0000024 STATUS_OBJECT_TYPE_MISMATCH {Wrong Type} There is a mismatch between the type of object that is required by the requested operation and the type