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Windows Media Player Error Log File


At the server level, the plug-in receives notification of log events from all publishing points. It may be possible to install Windows XP SP1 in Full Install mode from a Windows XP SP1 CD and that should replace the Windows Media Player 9 Series with Windows The value is derived from the mediaName attribute of the playlist media element. The rollback point will NOT be functional until you complete a reinstall of the player that does NOT require a reboot. check over here

The value does not include TCP or UDP packets.2UnicastMulticastBothc-pkts-lost-cont-netMaximum number of continuously lost packets on the network layer during transmission from server to client. The missing codec might be available to download from the Internet. The Reinstall All mode won't change that, but it's the most effective way of ensuring that *everything* WMP knows how to set up is set up correctly.) Q: How do I See the previous section of this document.c-dnsThis field is always blank.-UnicastMulticastBothThis field changed in version 9.

Windows Media Player Log File

performed an XP repair. 3. Oh joy. Typically, this field is used to enable advertisement logging.If the media element does not have a role attribute, or if the client was not receiving content from a playlist, this field Was Media Foundation started or shut down?

The only place you can view the asfm protocol value is in the logs written by the ISAPI log application (wmsiislog.dll) on an IIS server.x-duration. How do I fix this? These files alone account for almost half the problems encountered with WMP-Vista. Normally, this method works, but in a few rare cases (certain malware and if people have the unpatched packet-writing software InCD from Nero) this can be in serious trouble.Instead, reboot the

This blocks WMP from burning to disc. To fix this for Windows XP: reinstall the player. If for some reason you are in the "opposing" camp and firmly feel that Uninstalling first is beneficial (and it isn't, at least for WMP), you MUST be careful to tell This field contains a hyphen (-) in distribution server log entries.Microsoft_MPEG-4_Video_Codec_V2UnicastMulticastBothchannelURLURL to the multicast information file.

If a connection is not available, then the player does not send a log; however, the player can render the content until it expires.Client Stream (Receive) LogsWindows Media Services enables content The server generates logs for instances of Windows Media Player 6.4 that are connected to a publishing point, sourcing from a server-side playlist.End of the ConnectionThe client-side information in the following Q: How do I trouble-shoot a v11 player install error? Q: WMP only plays audio from video files played back from the Internet.

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Administrator is NOT case sensitive.

Try unplugging the router and plug directly into your Cable or DSL modem. Windows Media Player Log File This will likely be your username unless you have changed it, but in some cases (for example, if you bought your PC from a large manufacturer), it will be called OWNER Vlc Other protocols, such as HTTP (1.0 and 1.1) and MMS, do not provide this information at connection time.The server provides the filesize and filelength fields to the client in the header,

Again, wmplayer.exe should be functional if you run it directly. Q: How do I get WMP 7.1 to run on NT4? s-proxiedUsed to indicate if a client is connected through a cache/proxy server or Web server. The fields in the following table are collected dynamically during a session.Collected by server dynamicallySent by client dynamicallysc-bytesc-rates-pkts-sentc-statusavgbandwidthx-durationc-starttimec-ratec-statusClients do not send a log in these three cases: for a 408 code

Without these traces, finding when and why a failure happened in Media Foundation can be very tricky, because: Media Foundation is asynchronous. Therefore, when the playlist ends and the Player sends its log (the server will not have to generate the last one), the c-bytes and various c-pkts-xxxx fields will report values that CTRL-ALT-DEL brings you to the old-style log on screen which is familiar to some but not others. this content Windows Media ServicesWindows Media Services 9 Series or later supports earlier version of Windows Media Player (for example, versions 6.4, 7.x, and 8.x), but the best logging information is obtained for players

If the value is reported as zero by Windows Media Player 9 Series or later, then that value is used. Check the firewall documentation for instructions. Sign In Use Facebook Use Twitter Use Windows Live Register now!

If you're having video problems after the latest WMP update and have an nVidia card, go to WMP's Tools:Options:Devices:Performances and uncheck "Use High Quality Mode".

The exception to this is that the log entry for the server running Windows Media Service 9 Series or later will contain an additional eight fields.Server LogsServer logs are new to Windows Note first that you should NEVER disable System Restore if you are not the most bad-ass system jockey in the world. If the player was not embedded, this field refers to the user agent of the client that generated the log.Mozilla/4.0_(compatible;_MSIE_4.01;_Windows_98)UnicastBothcs(Referer)URL to the Web page in which the player was embedded (if about Urge! 0 #7 Tiak Posted 05 March 2007 - 08:29 AM Tiak New Member Member 1 posts Thanks for the guide, *but* I hit a wall at this: "We also

WMP will reject playback of MP3 files that have headers it does not understand. The Nero Fast CD Burning Plug-in does not work in WMP10 at this time. The value does not include any overhead that is added by the network stack. I had the problem with media player not playing.

If you update to their recent build, you should be okay.