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Windows Live Family Safety Error 8004b065

Softpedia. Are you still facing the same issue? Reinstall Family Safety. There are individuals who overreact when caught with this circumstance. his comment is here

Read All 11 Posts RELEVANCY SCORE 2.68 DB:2.68:Not Able To Access Email Due To Family Safety Not Complete Error 7k Hi, My child is not able to access his email due Error code 80040154 Actually I get that same error every time I try to log in and I even tried changing my password. I was using the software to set up safety settings a couple of weeks ago, and realised I wasn't receiving emails about the child account activities. No.

This article will provide you a highlight of the common computer errors and the solutions to solve it, you can find it below. Keep your family safer: What's New in Windows 8 Family Safety: “Set up Family Safety” Hope this helps. this has been like this for the last two days now, so i've tried another internet connection on the machine with the same error. its really annoying and i dont know what to do, i need my parents account and i dont know what that is wrong.

DB:2.72:I Am Unable To Remove My Childs Account From Family Safety - Getting Error Error Code 17110 xs Hi Papa_Danno, For us to further help you, we need you to provideus I'm trying to put Parental controls on, but am now asked to sign in to Windows Live Family Safety. Did you get any error message? Re-establish the child account by following the stepsfrom this solution article.

If you are the owner ofthe oldparent accounts, youcan simply remove the child account from the old parent and then associate it withthe new parent account. What do I need to do to fix this issue? Family Safety blocks InPrivate browsing in Internet Explorer 8 and 9. Microsoft says my accountwith them is fine and transfers me from office to office with no help except another transfer, twice back to where I started DB:2.69:I Cant Log In To

private static st What error codes does RegOpenKeyEx return on failure? 2010-02-17 The MSDN documentation: Is strangely silent on what errors this function might return. Ars Technica. ^ Wenzel, Elsa (12 November 2007). "Microsoft unwraps Windows Live desktop suite. Published (2015-04-25 20:29:00) Hi, I would suggest you to create a new child account and check if the issue persists. Read All 3 Posts RELEVANCY SCORE 3.07 DB:3.07:I Cannot Sign Up For Live Family Safety.

This is to verify that the error code 80240038 is not causing the error in Family Safety. There are a lot of reasons why this Windows Family Safety Error Code occurs but the typical are an incompatible application and a faulty driver. We have a separate department where they handle all the issues regarding Windows Server. kc Hello blazer001, It is possible thatyourbrowser settingsare not properly configured.

When I click on "Manage settings on the Family Safety website" I get an error: "Sorry, the service isn't available right now. Follow the steps to uninstall Microsoft Office Live Updates:1.On the "Start" menu, click "Control Panel".2.In Windows Vista, double-click "Programs and Features".3.In the list of currently installed programs, select "Microsoft Office Live Visit the website below to download the setup file: Download Windows Live Essentials 2011 2. Let us know the result afterwards.

so how does a mac house deal with one kids windows phone other than throwing it out the windows! Here is the error message I get: 800488EB. I need some help in resolving this issue. I just downloaded Windows Live to this computer [/quote]You mentioned that you just downloaded Windows Live Essentials to your computer.

f1 Hi DarleneApplebee, Windows Live Family Safety usesWindows Live ID, so the account that you have used here can also be used with Family Safety. I follow the instructions by uninstalling ms live essentials however when I try to sign in to begin the uninstall I get a box that says. Have talked with MS tech support three times, no one can help me.

DB:3.03:Error 0x80070057 When Trying To Sign Into Windows Live Id ka Thanks, thanks, thanks, I change my password then 10 characters and all its Ok :) Read All 12 Posts db:

DB:2.73:Cant Access Existing Family Safety Because I Deactivated The Accounted It Was Linked With. I need some help in resolving this issue. I will be assisting you on your inquiry about accepting the terms of use and, as a result, receiving the error code 8004b3eb. I keep getting this message: "Something went wrong and we can't sign you in right now.

Why can't I get the system to recognize the curfews/time limits? Read All 11 Posts RELEVANCY SCORE 2.72 DB:2.72:I Am Unable To Remove My Childs Account From Family Safety - Getting Error Error Code 17110 xs Question SummaryOther Windows Live Family Safety I don't know if that does it or if MS has fixed something, but I can not log onto check over here Why can't I sign in and sync on my phone?

Thanks, Marilyn Read All 5 Posts RELEVANCY SCORE 3.01 DB:3.01:Error Code 8004b3e9 When I Try To Sign On To Set Parental Controls 1d Question SummaryOther Windows Live Family Safety issuesWhich version I have got through to the stage when i can select them and then save. Please refer the below mentioned link for further assistance.Windows Live Solution Center Regards,Syed N – Microsoft Support--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Visit our Microsoft Answers Feedback Forum and let us know what you think. I have tried everything to fix this, with the firewall and proxy settings and installing msnmsi.exe.

Read All 3 Posts RELEVANCY SCORE 2.92 DB:2.92:Cant Access Account With Family Safety On 38 Hi, downloaded family safety for pc ( windows 7),have selected it for kids standard user account, A parent can manage settings for a child if both of their Microsoft Accounts are in the same family. Microsoft-News. ^ Oiaga, Marius (29 March 2010). "Windows Live Essentials 2010/Wave 4 Only for Windows 7 and Vista SP2.". DB:2.74:Cant Sign In To Windows Live Family Safety k9 Hi Carl, This can happen when you don't have a first name and last name registered with Windows Live.

Search Advanced search Search everywhere only in this thread Thread: Problem with Family Safety - I am not able to access the site or amend children's permissions Started 1 Windows cannot access the specified device, path, or file. To troubleshoot the issue, please repair Family Safety by following the steps below: For Windows 8:1. This report page is a snippet summary view from a single thread "Problem with Family Safety - I am not able to access the site or amend children's permissions", located on

It's saying that the parent account isn't associated with the child account 2013-12-20 I'm trying to buy music in the Zune market place, but I need to change the family settings DB:2.73:Logging Into Family Safety ma This is beyond ridiculous. I'm a little unsure about an app for windows 7. Se privat vindu under for mer informasjon.

Class not registered. This should allow you to accept the Terms of Use. Sign-in with the Microsoft accountand password3. There is no option to Add a Kids account DB:2.75:Cant Add A Childs Account To My Family Safety Account.