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Windows Copy Command Error Codes


I was thinking more along the line where b.bat would abort early based on some condition:b.batCode: [Select]if not exist c:\file.ext exit 7
if not defined userprofile exit 9
exit 0
a.bat These can be combined, giving a few extra exit codes: 0×03 3 (2+1) Some files were copied. Since the same variable get expanded to different values on different computers. Trying start /wait didn't work. Source

Old Forum Search | Forum Rules Copyright © 2013 Computer Hope All rights reserved. share|improve this answer edited Oct 1 '10 at 5:27 answered Oct 1 '10 at 4:58 Dennis Williamson 58.1k11105141 I tried your code. If > 0, then the .bat exits and sets errorlevel to 1 for the calling app1. Copying files in subdirectories To copy all of a directory's files and subdirectories, use the xcopy command.

Xcopy Error Codes

That has nasty ramifications (at least in some versions of Windows) if someone has explicitly done something silly like: set errorlevel=22 In those cases, the actual variable will be used rather To exclude a particular sub-directory, place its name in the exclusion file with backward slashes before and after its name, viz., \excluded_directory\ Use a text editor to create exclusion files. One possible backup configuration would be to copy only those files that have been changed. The /v command-line option also slows down the copy command, because each sector recorded on the disk must be checked.

This documentation is archived and is not being maintained. What are the alternatives to compound interest for a Muslim? Note that Windows Vista has an additional switch "/B". Batch File Xcopy Error Handling What is mathematical logic?

Top of page Formatting legend Format Meaning Italic Information that the user must supply Bold Elements that the user must type exactly as shown Ellipsis (...) Parameter that can be repeated Tricky to use. Why cast an A-lister for Groot? share|improve this answer edited Dec 10 '13 at 12:45 Ghyath Serhal 4,88432749 answered Nov 21 '11 at 22:05 paxdiablo 493k1189741427 3 It is easier to do that checking this way:

While looking at the original situation (copy x y, which looks like a rename to me), I have the impression that the copy command still is the only one suitable for Batch File Exit Code 1 A description of the various switches is given in Table I. No failure was encountered. 0×06 6 (4+2) Additional files and mismatched files exist. If you omit /s, xcopy works within a single directory. /e   : Copies all subdirectories, even if they are empty.

Xcopy Return Code 4

Requirements Minimum supported client Windows XP [desktop apps only] Minimum supported server Windows Server 2003 [desktop apps only] Header WinError.h (include Windows.h) See also System Error Codes     Show: Inherited Protected Print Mencken fireballsApprentice Code:TerminalThanked: 3 Re: How to return success/failure from a batch file? « Reply #5 on: September 09, 2008, 06:20:39 PM » Quote from: Sidewinder on September 09, 2008, 06:12:06 Xcopy Error Codes Some files were mismatched. Copy Errorlevel We appreciate your feedback.

Useful in backup. /P Prompts you before creating each destination file. /S Copies directories and subdirectories except empty ones. /E Copies directories and subdirectories, including empty ones. this contact form There is not enough memory or disk space, or you entered an invalid drive name or invalid syntax on the command line. 5 Disk write error occurred. If you specify the string ".obj", you exclude all files with the .obj extension. Some programs return certain non-zero codes for special types of success. –Euro Micelli Nov 13 '14 at 19:23 add a comment| Your Answer draft saved draft discarded Sign up or Windows Batch Return Code

No files were copied Examine the output log for details. 0×04 4 Some Mismatched files or directories were detected. Mencken fireballsApprentice Code:TerminalThanked: 3 Re: How to return success/failure from a batch file? « Reply #7 on: September 09, 2008, 06:57:18 PM » Quote from: Sidewinder on September 09, 2008, 06:51:56 Changing the time and date of a file If you want to assign the current time and date to a file without modifying the file, use the following syntax: copy /b Source+,, Not the answer you're looking for?

It is in form of boolean values, with 0 for success and 1 for failure. Batch File Exit Command Try it without them or try the other versions I added. –Dennis Williamson Oct 1 '10 at 5:24 Great, thanks a lot !! –Misha Moroshko Oct 1 '10 at The effect of /a depends on its position in the command-line string.

Exit will return custom return codes from the script Example: Powershell script for copying file to a folder $dest ="C: est" New-Item $dest -type directory -force $source ="c:samplefile.txt"

Although recording errors rarely occur with copy, you can use /v to verify that critical data has been correctly recorded. Specifying whether Destination is a file or directory If Destination does not contain an existing directory and does not end with a backslash (\), the following message appears: Does destination specify The documentation isn't always right. –Harry Johnston Nov 23 '11 at 18:52 | show 9 more comments up vote 10 down vote I believe Copy only returns 0 for success or Batch File Set Exit Code Let me try to explain it in a different way:a.bat calls b.bat and when b.bat completes, a.bat continues with steps depending on whether b.bat succeeded or failed.a.bat:Code: [Select]rem some code here

Yes No Do you like the page design? Why does a shorter string of lights not need a resistor? Either a usage error or an error due to insufficient access privileges on the source or destination directories. Computer Hope Forum Main pageFree helpTipsDictionaryForumLinksContact Welcome, Guest.

asked 4 years ago viewed 53056 times active 10 months ago Blog Stack Overflow Podcast #93 - A Very Spolsky Halloween Special Linked 0 How to deal with negative numbers that Due to the nature of this virus or potentially unwanted software, the file has been removed from this location. ERROR_PIPE_LOCAL 229 (0xE5) The pipe is local. ERROR_BAD_PIPE 230 (0xE6)